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Go there to view our current deposit rates.

Your funds are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Depending on how you save, you may be able to protect even more. Make the most of your federal deposit insurance coverage. Visit the National Credit Union Administration’s Share Insurance Calculator at Share Insurance Estimator

Primary Shares

Our primary share account requires a minimum balance of $5 which also serves to activate your membership with THFCU. The primary share account allows unlimited deposits and cash withdrawals. Transfers can be made to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, on-line or telephone and are limited to six (6) per month.

Christmas Shares

Save for the holidays with a THFCU Christmas Share Account, separate from your everyday savings.

Secondary Shares

Like our Christmas Share Account, a Secondary Share Account gives you the option to designate savings for anything you would like. Whether you are saving for a down payment on a new home, a family vacation, or just a rainy day, the Secondary Share Account is a great place to set something aside each payday to help you reach your goal.

Money Market Shares

A THFCU money market share account gives you flexibility with your investment. A minimum balance of $500 is required to earn dividends. The more you invest, the more you earn! Tier categories:

  • $500 to $2,499
  • $2,500 to $24,999
  • $25,000 to $49,999
  • $50,000 plus.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Plan for a richer retirement with a THFCU IRA offering:

  • Options. Choose a Traditional IRA, where earnings accumulate tax-deferred and qualified contributions are tax-deductible, or invest in a Roth IRA where qualified distributions are tax-free and flexible withdrawal options are available.
  • Tiers. The more you save, the more you earn. With four tiers for minimum account balances you can earn corresponding higher yields on your account
  • No fees. We won't penalize you to open or close accounts, or to perform annual maintenance.
  • Federal deposit insurance. Your IRA funds are federally insured separate from your other THFCU savings account, up to an additional $250,000.

Want more? Get even a better return with IRA certificates of deposit and relationship or jumbo series pricing.

Education Savings Account (ESA)

THFCU offers a Coverdell Education Savings Account designed to help you pay for your child's education expenses, such as tuition, fees, books, supplies, equipment, and in some cases, room and board, and computers. Qualified contributions to a Coverdell ESA are not tax-deductible however earnings grow on a tax-deferred basis, and distributions are tax-free if the money is used to pay qualified education expenses.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a medical savings account available to people who are part of a qualifying high-deductible health plan (whether the plan is yours independently, or your employers' group coverage).

  • Pre-tax dollars for unforeseen medical costs
  • Tax-free growth of the funds
  • Year-to-year rollover - no use it or lose it provision allows you to save for future expenses
  • Immediate ownership of all dollars contributed by both employee and employer
  • Portability, meaning you keep your HSA even if you
    • Change jobs
    • Change medical coverage
    • Become unemployed
    • Move to another state
    • Change your marital status




Go there to view our current deposit rates.

Do you have a savings goal? High yielding, federally insured certificates from THFCU will help you achieve it.

Share Certificate Accounts

Tired of the stock market roller coaster? Certificates offer a consistent and healthy return. Better still your funds are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. About our certificates:

  • Competitive fixed rates of return
  • Minimum balance requirements as low as $500
  • Terms from 6 to 60 months
  • Jumbo Pricing for deposits of $50,000 or more
  • A one-time Step-Up Option for terms of 36, 48, and 60 months
  • Low early withdrawal penalties

Remember too your share certificate can also be designated as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Relationship Pricing

Get better rates on your share certificate accounts! Here's how: The "Relationship Pricing" plan specifically targets our share certificates and allows members to receive a Dividend Premium when they have an average total relationship which is based on account balance, or when they deposit new money into a THFCU account. The Relationship Pricing plan begins when a member has an active THFCU share draft account and either:

  • Maintains a specified average total relationship with THFCU
  • OR
  • Deposits new money with THFCU.

Members who meet either of these two requirements can now earn a Dividend Premium in addition to an already great rate on their share certificate.

Jumbo Series Pricing

Jumbo Series Pricing allows members with higher deposits to earn a higher dividend. By maintaining a minimum balance, members can earn the Dividend Premium shown below:

Balance Maintained APY Premium Earned
$50,000 0.05% APY
$75,000 0.10% APY
$99,000 0.15% APY

Note Jumbo Series Pricing may not be combined with Relationship Pricing.

If you have questions or want to learn more, call us at (218) 834-2266. We'll help you reap the rewards of our great rates while leveraging Relationship Pricing and Jumbo Series plans!

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